We are the leading provider of Comprehensive and tailor -made Waste Management Services in Kuwait to Domestic, Industrial and Commercial Customers. We offer and provide for the collection of solid and liquid Wastes for disposal including hazardous waste at landfill and Waste Water treatment plants. We assist and advise NGO’s on recycling and other matters relating to waste are the following activities:

Waste management Services

Waste management Services

Waste collection is a fundamental element of waste management system. Our waste collection program is to collect in a timely and economical manner, as much correctly segregated waste, in order to ease the subsequent waste sorting and treatment stages:

  1. Waste Segregation

All waste collected will be sorted according to any recycled materials and raw waste. All forms of plastic, paper and metals will be separated according to specific waste type.

  1. Waste Baling

Once the recyclable materials have been sorted, we then proceed with baling the materials for easier processing, transportation, and storing materials for later use.

Waste Collection and Management

SASCO has developed its waste collection division to conduct the customer’s waste removal requirements.

Through its aim to excel in all the provided services, SASCO procures a fleet of vehicles that can roll on roll off containers, and static compactors.

SASCO workshop has manufactured all these types of containers with a full assortment of different sizes, so as to comply with the collection requirements of its customers.

Recycling Domestic Waste

We assess your needs to determine the right service type, container size and collection frequency for your site. At SASCO, our team members are trained and competent in compliance of a full safety and risk analysis of the collection service required for your site.

This process ensures that we understand your site requirement and that the risk of injury or damage to property is alleviated when we perform services. We provide reliable and cost effective collection services to suit the needs of local authorities, including unparalleled management tools for benchmarking, monitoring, cost control and environmental reporting.