Our mission is to leave the world a better place than we found it by helping its inhabitants find purpose in becoming its caretakers.

Our aim at waste management is to connect the threads in tangible, effective and efficient ways to help people realize how important they are to our mission of a safety environment.

Taking care of the planet isn’t an easy job, so it’s important for us to impart sustainable knowledge and share the value of responsibility to our family members and community.


SASCO provides quality education resources to help our customers and the community to learn more about the importance of sustainable resource recovery. This includes waste education programs, waste audits, technical forums to discuss emerging issues and tailored programs to suit individual customer needs.

We are committed to increasing awareness of sustainable waste management practice through education, community groups, schools and businesses.


Our goal is to reduce the amount of natural resources consumed, confirm that any materials that are taken from nature are reused as many times as possible and that the waste created is kept to a minimum. With waste hierarchy, we at SASCO concentrates on significantly cutting waste and encouraging recycling. This will minimize the use of virgin resources to create unnecessary items such as single-use products. 


SASCO believes that a perfect strategy planning should be targeted towards the upliftment of society. The financial investment and physical involvement by SASCO, forms the foundation of our goal to assist in the education of waste management as well.
We at SASCO, developed sorting and recycling programs for all our customers, through theoretical and physical implementation at the work site. SASCO has gone further to build community environmental awareness by introducing waste sorting programs initiated from homes. These programs stipulate the appropriate methods of sorting waste at the source, through coloured containers.
Our corporate social responsibility focused at assisting in the education of our community on the benefits of recycling our waste adds to the global endeavours to reduce and eventually eliminate waste generation that has become detrimental to our global environment.


Efficient recycling programs can help make a community healthier, more sustainable and contribute to the local economy by creating jobs. We re-commit ourselves to recycling because our customers and communities want to recycle and make the world a better place to live.


Currently, SASCO satisfies the requirements of most residential and commercial localities for solid waste collection. SASCO also supplies mobile/portable compactors for collection of general non-hazardous compactable waste mainly to clients generating large volume of compactable waste.


We have the capability of collecting construction, demolition, semi hazardous waste and thick sludge using several vehicles from our fleet. Our containers are particularly suited for the large volume of waste generators. When transporting and disposing waste.